Nice to Meet You!

Small businesses, start-ups and healthcare practices achieve great things when working with Marketing Square.
  • External marketing resource for your team
  • Flexible working arrangement – no long-term contracts
  • Performance driven
  • Not an agency
  • UK based teams working on your projects
  • One point of contact
  • Transparent reporting

Step into the Marketing Square

“The Square” was historically an important landmark within a town or village, a central location where like-minded people could get-together to discuss matters of the day.

At Marketing Square we want to mirror this concept and invite you into the Square to talk to us about your business goals, your brand values, what makes you get up in the morning and what you aspire to achieve in the future.

In turn, we can share our ideas on how we can help you to realise, at least some of, your business objectives, through digital marketing.

Experienced marketing specialists

We are not an agency. We are a collaboration of individual, experienced marketing specialists that have worked together many times before, yet we each retain our own strengths.

What does this mean?

It simply means that writers can write, website developers can develop and designers can design. Our consultants will carefully put together a team of the best people from our trusted team, to help implement your Business Marketing Strategy.

What we believe

  1. Understanding your business goals is our number one priority
  2. Producing results that directly link to your business goals is how we can create a long-term working relationship
  3. Appointing individual specialists to collaborate on your marketing strategy will give the best results overall
  4. Offering a flexible marketing resource means you are in control

Our Mission

  1. to be an affordable, flexible and adaptable marketing resource for small businesses
  2. to take away the time strain for small business owners who are generally time poor
  3. to offer the best expertise across the core areas of digital marketing, by putting together a bespoke team for your business

Our Promise

We never promise to get you more customers. As this is unrealistic, and if a marketing company does promise this, they are probably not being transparent.

Our promise to your business is work alongside you and your team with an open channel for communication and adaptation of an evolving marketing strategy.

Helping you to meet your business goals is our key priority and we will strive to create new innovative ways for you to do this.