Compile your business goals and market research into a formal Business Plan that can be used to track and monitor your progress and help you be more strategic. 

Understanding the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats of your business helps you to be more strategic in your approach.

Determine the 7 P’s of marketing for your business: Product, Price, Promotion, Place, People, Process, Physical Evidence.

Prepare a Digital Marketing Strategy across all relevant channels, setting targets and goals to map performance and track budget.

Prepared by a qualified accountant specialising in helping small businesses.


Choose packages from 1 to 30 articles per month. Flex up or down according to your requirements. Includes:

  • Content Strategy and topic pipeline
  • Stock images
  • SEO, where possible
  • Access to database of relevant Awareness Days useful for content planning
  • Banner creation – at no extra charge

Launching a new product or service? Or, just want to remind your audience of your existing business offering? Editorial and Press Releases can be a great way to engage.

  • Connect with the right media / PR agencies to maximise opportunities
  • Get the right messages across in your PR content
  • Communicate in a sales focused, yet subtle, way

Digital downloads give your target audience something to read and utilise. You can offer these to add value to your service.

  • Digital Guides
  • Digital Magazines
  • Digital FAQ Sheets
  • Blogs converted to PDFs


Fixed price depending on page numbers.

  • Briefing session to gather ideas and thoughts
  • Research online competition
  • Site Map (site navigation)
  • Development of customer journey and user experience
  • Full design & development of site (branding is a separate service)
  • Integrated with newsletter sign-up
  • Integrated Calls to Action, to encourage lead generation
  • Blog section
  • Stock Image pack
  • Linked to Google Analytics + WebMaster Tools
  • Full Project Management throughout
  • Budget management

Website Quote >

Fixed price depending on page numbers.

  • Customer-focused style to enhance engagement
  • SEO focus, where required
  • Integrated Calls to Action, to encourage lead generation


Work with a brand specialist on your business identity, including key messaging, ethos, core values and voice

Design of business logo set

  • Business cards
  • Email footers
  • Leaflets
  • Brochures

To ensure your brand is used properly across all channels, these Guidelines detail things like fonts, colour palette, image use, logo use, language + more


Choose to focus on one, or multiple, social media channels.

  • Includes rolling Social Media strategy
  • Select best channels for your business
  • Set up channels with artwork

Implementation of Social Media Strategy, including:

  • Regular posting on selected social channels
  • Content creation of branded posts, banners
  • Audience growth focus
  • Brand reputation monitoring
  • Performance Tracking report

Use social channels to advertise to your target audience.

  • Weekly or monthly advertising budget
  • Campaign management
  • Performance Tracking Report


Sending a monthly newsletter can help you engage with your target audience and remind them of your services in a non-intrusive way.

  • Create a rolling Email Marketing strategy
  • Design templates for newsletters, mailings and bulletins
  • Import existing database, in line with GDPR regulations
  • Create segments for more targeted marketing
  • Populate html email templates with latest news, information, offers etc
  • Test and send to mailing lists
  • Performance Tracking Report
  • Fixed price per campaign, or per month
  • Flex up or down according to your requirements each month

Integration with your database, CRM and marketing systems.


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