Professional service companies benefit from targeted, customer-focused marketing

It is generally a good time to be offering professional services. Technology and innovation enable you to be more streamlined in your operations, and when utilised effectively this can improve profit margins.

Attracting the right audience is often an issue for professional services companies, and new client enquiries are frequently poor when the floodgates are just left open.

Focusing on reaching out to whom you would consider “ideal customers” is a strategy to ensure you are growing your client-base in the right way.

Additionally, if you offer services to a niche market, then your marketing can be targeted further to attract high-quality new clients, in a specific sector.

Do you offer professional services? Let us help you promote.

  • Accountants, tax advisors and bookkeepers
  • Financial advisors, mortgage brokers and finance brokers
  • Insurance providers
  • Solicitors
  • Property agents
  • Architects
  • Business Consultants

Marketing Strategy for Professional Services companies

In reality, no two businesses are the same. Even very similar businesses in the same industry, will have different business goals.

  • Some businesses simply need a few new customers per month to keep the wheels turning
  • Other businesses are looking to expand quickly, or from zero clients

Even though a bespoke marketing strategy is needed to cater for your own business requirements, there tend to be similarities when looking at the promotional activity for a professional services company.

This is where specialist knowledge can make all the difference.

10 promotional essentials for professional services:

  1. A strong brand, business logo, brand identity and business documentation
  2. Well thought-out pricing and promotions strategy
  3. A fully-functional and interactive, customer-focused website
  4. SEO implementation within the site to help with website performance
  5. A well maintained blog. So you can share news and relevant information with your target audience and niche market sector
  6. A functional database to determine your ideal customer, for targeted marketing
  7. An email marketing campaign strategy. Send regular email newsletters to your clients and potential clients, to help with cross-selling and take-up
  8. A voice on social media, typically at least LinkedIn and Twitter
  9. A way to track leads and the effectiveness of all promotion efforts, so your marketing campaign can be adjusted along the way.
  10. Download white papers, digital guides and other informative information to show potential clients you are knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Benefits of using Marketing Square:

  • Access to individuals that have experience in working with professional service companies to build their reputation and visibility online.
  • Access to a team of individuals that are each experienced in a particular area of marketing – to get the very best results across the board
  • Managed by one central marketing consultant – meaning just one point of contact for you
  • No long-term contracts. Try us out and see how we can work together.
  • Flexible marketing resources when you need them – scale up or down to suit your requirements month on month
  • Plenty of options to suit all range of marketing budget
  • We are not an agency.
  • Regular integrated reporting will make it easy for you to track your overall marketing performance

Meet Claire

Claire Bennett

Claire has worked in professional services companies for 15 years, helping the business to grow though targeted marketing & business development.


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