Creating a social voice for your business

In the past five years, the world has gone crazy for social media, and really most businesses now need to have some presence on select social channels.

Being able to share news, data and information with your network is now essential as everyone moves towards a more “instant” way of working.

There are numerous approaches when it comes to social media marketing and the first step is finding the best route for your business goals, industry and audience.

There is no exact science, however experience in social media marketing certainly helps to not waste time trying to figure things out on your own.

Using the expertise of our team, as well as online tools and templates that we have tailored, means that productivity and efficiency can remain high whilst keeping your costs down.

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Social Media management

Other services include:

We can set up the most relevant social channels for your business and customise the profile pages to suit your brand.

Social Media Implementation

We can make regular posts of engaging content to the social channels, creating artwork such as banners when required.

Audience Engagement

We will aim to grow your network by engaging with your target audience.

Performance Tracking

Online tools and our own developed templates, allows accurate tracking of the performance of your social media campaign.

Social Media Marketing Plans

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Our Process

  • Research and Analysis

    The first step is always to look at where you are now and where you want to be.

  • Create a Strategy

    We define a Social Media Strategy for each selected social channel.

  • Implementation

    Using our in-house resource we make regular posts on your behalf

  • Analytics and Tracking

    We track progress to ensure effectiveness and report back to you for transparency

  • Adaptation

    We regularly adapt the Social Marketing Strategy to suit your growing needs.

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