Creating a web presence for your business

Almost all businesses, whatever shape or size, need to have a presence online.

Search engines still play a huge part in how consumers search and select products and services. Having a site that ranks well on search engines can be a big advantage for one business over another, in terms of how visible they are online.

There are a number of things that you can be doing as a business owner to improve your chances of this.

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Your promotional platform

Building modern, functional websites to suit your business brand

First, to make a presence online, having an effective website is essential.

Our developers build websites in all shapes and sizes and all our sites are built bespoke for your business requirements. Typically, a website will take between one and three months to build, from start to finish.

So, the sooner you get started, the sooner you can start to make a presence online.


It is wise to optimise your website

Search Engine Optimisation helps you get noticed

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been a key focus for business owners over the past decade and continues to be of importance, even though this is an ever-evolving area of marketing, which changes regularly.

Although SEO should always be part of a wider marketing plan, it is always wise to optimise your website and follow guidelines of best practice.

Search engines change their algorithms regularly, so seek help from people that are up to date.


Website Content

Building trust through useful information

Customers are always looking for information to help them with their decision-making. They want to feel they can trust your business before they commit.

Content creation is typically part of the process when creating a new website. Despite the fact that images and videos now feature heavily in marketing communications, language is still a fundamental means to get your message across to the world.

With so many choices available for all products and services, it is important as a business owner to differentiate your business from the rest of the market.

In addition, content can help with your SEO efforts when presented in the right way.

Professional content ensures your website gives the right messages to your target audience.


Lead Generation

Building clear “Calls to Action” to encourage contact

Not all marketing is focused on lead generation. Some is simply to raise awareness of the brand.

However, where possible, marketing will involve the addition of clear, encouraging “Calls to Action”. This can be in the form of links, contact forms, downloads, sign-ups or anything that requires an action.

Your website should have a clear customer journey with direct action points.

Website marketing services


Website Design & Build

We design and build bespoke, innovative business websites so you can create a presence online.
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Search Engine Optimisation

We can optimise your website to suit best practice guidelines, so your website stands the best chance of performing well within the search engine rankings.

Content Marketing

We can create professional, engaging and topical content for your website taking into account SEO and Calls to Action for engagement.

Lead generation

We can work with you on ways to enhance the number of leads you get for new customers.
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