A flexible marketing resource for small businesses

Small businesses benefit from a unique approach when it comes to marketing and promotion.

As most don’t have the same size budget of a larger company, our aim is to maximise output whilst minimising budget spend. This means building high value from all work performed.

It means stretching the use of content and resources as far as possible and utilising all opportunities.

It also means using templates and tools to aid efficiency so as not to reinvent the wheel.

Being able to scale-up and scale-down marketing campaigns according to season, demand and other requirements is also highly useful for a small business.

This way it is possible to keep track of the detail, whilst at the same time as focusing your energy on your overall business objectives.

We help small businesses create a digital presence

When it comes to business, no two companies are the same. Business owners each have different goals, objectives and deadlines. However, there are similarities when it comes to the marketing and promotion strategy of a small business.

Here are some people we help:

  • Freelancers
    • Photographers
    • Writers
    • Designers
  • Health centres
    • Yoga studios
    • Fitness centres & gyms
    • Personal trainers
  • Hairdressers
  • Cafes & coffee shops
  • Small retail outlets

8 things a small business needs on their marketing strategy:

  1. A strong brand logo, business identity, values & ethos
  2. A great product or service with a Unique Selling Point (USP) – what makes you different?
  3. A creative and customer-focused website to act as a promotional platform
  4. Help to get noticed online through SEO in your specific sector
  5. A customer-focused blog could help you get more traffic to your site
  6. A voice on various, relevant social media channels
  7. A communication strategy to reach-out to your target audience via newsletters, bulletins and digital downloads
  8. Testimonials, reviews and case studies to entice new customers to your door

Why do small businesses choose Marketing Square?

  • Flexible marketing resources when you need them – you won’t have to recruit a full time marketing assistant or team
  • Scale up or down to suit your requirements month on month
  • No long-term contracts. Try us out and see how we can work together.
  • Access to a network of individual marketing specialists with one central point of contact – you won’t need to work with multiple companies
  • Plenty of options to suit all range of marketing budget
  • We are not an agency.
  • We build added value wherever possible.
  • Regular integrated reporting will make it easy for you to track your overall marketing performance

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