Healthcare providers benefit from patient-focused marketing

If you have a healthcare practice, or offer health-related services, the chances are you have chosen this profession because you want to help people to be healthy, recover from injury quicker and live longer, happier lives.

To this extent most healthcare professionals are time-poor, as the day-to-day treatment of patients takes up all the hours, and more.

Often, little energy is therefore left to focus on communicating everything good that you do with the outside world. Whilst you offer the very best of healthcare services, simply not enough people are hearing about it.

Making sure that marketing communications are non-intrusive, highly informative and patient-focused is key to growing your healthcare business in an ethical way.

Are you a healthcare provider? Let us help you promote.

  • Private medical consultants
  • GP practices
  • Dental practices
  • Chiropractors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Massage therapists
  • Nutritional therapists

Marketing Strategy for Healthcare providers

Whatever your specific healthcare provision, the overall aim is the same. Spread the word of what you offer and how you can help people.

This is where specialist knowledge of both marketing and the healthcare sector can make all the difference.

10 promotional essentials for healthcare providers:

  1. A strong brand, including a memorable logo, clear brand identity and branded documents, such as leaflets and posters
  2. Transparent pricing system
  3. A fully-functional and interactive, patient-focused website
  4. SEO implementation within the site to help with website performance
  5. A patient-focused blog, so you can share news about topical health issues to raise awareness
  6. A functional database to determine the demographics and profile of your potential patients
  7. An email marketing campaign strategy. Send regular email newsletters to patients to inform them of news, information, facts and more.
  8. A voice on social media, typically at least Twitter and Facebook
  9. Digital Factsheets and White Papers about your area of healthcare, to provide in-depth information to your patients and show credibility
  10. Testimonials and Case Studies, so your patients can see how you have helped others

Benefits of using Marketing Square:

  • Access to individuals that have experience in working with professional service companies to build their reputation and visibility online.
  • Access to a team of individuals that are each experienced in a particular area of marketing – to get the very best results across the board
  • Managed by one central marketing consultant – meaning just one point of contact for you
  • No long-term contracts. Try us out and see how we can work together.
  • Flexible marketing resources when you need them – scale up or down to suit your requirements month on month
  • Plenty of options to suit all range of marketing budget
  • We are not an agency.
  • Regular integrated reporting will make it easy for you to track your overall marketing performance

Harley Street Gastroenterologist

Claire has been most helpful and efficient in helping to project manage and produce a high quality and much improved website for my practice.

She has been timely, prompt, well informed and transparent at every stage.

In addition she has provided me with an enhanced marketing strategy and I look forward to seeing that grow.

I can confidently recommend her.


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