Your own marketing department, with just one point of contact.

Business owners either need to commit to an in-house marketing resource, which sometimes isn’t affordable, or necessary for a small business.

Or, they have to juggle communications with external web developers, social media experts, graphic designers, software providers and so on, spending valuable time co-ordinating various projects and campaigns.

Imagine being able to pass all that across to your own marketing department.

Centrally managed by one marketing consultant and implemented by marketing specialists that have worked together many times before.

What makes Marketing Square different?

The services we offer can certainly be found through other marketing agencies.

However, we think we are different as we are all essentially freelance workers. We are not employed with the comfort zone of a salary each month. We have to work extra hard to keep our customers happy, so they continue working with us for many years to come.

It is this mindset that keeps marketing campaigns moving forward, driven by performance, deadlines and targets.

Our flexible working terms means you can scale up, or down, your marketing requirements, on a monthly basis if you choose to, depending on your budget, season, specific promotions or need for new business.

We fix our prices and don’t make extra charges for minor amends to campaigns and marketing material for you either. Wherever possible we will wrap it up in the work we do.


Flexible resources when you need them

Performance driven to meet deadlines & targets

Marketing specialists

Sector specialists

Centrally managed


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