Creating and developing your Brand Identity

Strong brands make it more likely for people to:
  • Remember you

  • Engage with you

  • Buy from you

  • Work with you

Creating a strong business brand is the starting point for promotion. Without a strong brand, your competitors can easily steal away market share and leave your business fighting for the scraps.

Your brand isn’t just your business logo. A well-executed brand should capture your essence, your ethos and your values, as well as appeal to your specific target audience.

Capturing that business personality into your brand often starts with the business logo, but also feeds through all your business documentation and even your business processes.

Having a solid brand means that you can ultimately be consistent in all your external and internal communications.

Consistency, subtly instils a sense of trust and familiarity with your customers, potential customers and your team.

If your brand is strong and portrays the correct messages, people are more likely to remember you, engage with you, buy from you and work with you.


Professional Logo Design

We create bespoke, innovative business logos so you can communicate your business name and values to your target audience

Developing your Brand Identity

We help develop your brand identity by creating specific Brand Guidelines that include how your logo should be used, as well as colour palette, fonts, images, voice and more.

Business and Marketing Documentation

We take your logo and brand identity and create business documentation, ranging from business cards to sales forms, digital brochures, leaflets and more.

Rebranding & Launch Strategy

If you already have a brand but you want a change, we can help to rebrand your business to suit evolving business goals, including developing a launch strategy for a seamless handover.

Branding for Social Media

Social media is a big part of marketing these days. It requires specific branded items such as profile images and header banners, and may require separate Social Brand Guidelines.

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